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We want to spread the word about Real-T.

How it works:

We are seeking well connected “explainers”. Register Here For Free

then Share our Ideas to your acquaintances who may also register for free.

As a Member, You Get Paid on their Purchases.

For this not to be a ponzi scheme, something of value has initially to be purchased by the beneficiary of future transactions. In this case it is a trivial purchase of $9.99 Annual Membership to this site.

  • Step #1 REGISTER HERE For Free
  • You must be sponsored by someone in order to benefit from this site
  • Your Sponsor’s Name will either be ” douglas ” or “Whomever else had referred you here”.
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  • Step #3 Only SMART MEMBERS can get paid for their connection with this site
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  • Step #5 Your Referral who becomes a SMART MEMBER makes any type of transaction via this site
  • You automatically get paid a referral fee for his transaction as well as that of his referred SMART MEMBERS — To 3 levels.