In a nutshell :

  1. First, we buy an option on your property.
  2. Second, we do due diligence such as title search.
  3. Third, we tokenize its title, i.e enumerate fractions of its value in the form of tokens.
  4. Fourth, we raise an ICO for the total asking price.
  5. Fifth, the token buyers collectively give you the asking price. You are happy. Goodbye!
  6. Sixth, we promote our token as being a better method. They collectively now own the property. They are not necessarily interested in real estate. They are interested in methods. They are betting that their tokens will increase in value as more and more people realize that this is a better way to move real estate.
  7. Seventh, the token buyer may sell some or all of their tokens at a profit to newcomers.

Our role is to promote methods. Blockchain is, indeed a better method.

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