Who We Are

Effectively Xdale are Sales and Marketing Technologists. Xdale does not specialize in industries, we specialize in processes. We know that the core processes of sales and marketing are universal fundamentals. Thus, we specialize in those business processes and retain associate industry specialists that rely on our core technologies.

Common to all industries are processes of Telemarketing, email and snailmail Prospecting, Lead Generation, Lead Purging, Appointment Setting, Presentation, Exhibitions, Closing, Customer Retention, Saleforce Training, Marketing Analytics, as well as Advertising Copy and Graphic Design … and much more. We seek to address the following industries:

Software Market

Real Estate Market

Blockchain in Commercial Real Estate

Sales+Marketing Tech

R.E.X (The Real estate exchange)

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Currently in the process of buying a house you will verify how insane it is what paperwork and legal hassle comes with it.

As an example, you may be paying 11341.50 dollars to ensure all the paperwork concerning the house is legit, 5670.75 dollars for the notary to deposit the updated files into a (offline) government database, and another 1,134.15 dollars to store your own deed in the notary’s office.

Theoretically all of this can be (semi-)automated using files or hashes stored in a blockchain account for a fraction of the cost….

Who are our target customers?

We target home sellers with properties in the price range of $400,000 and up. The whole principle of XDALE is that the model works for all home sellers because it allows them to keep more equity in the sale of their home.

To distinguish XDALE in the luxury real estate space, the company has launched XDALE Black, a personalized experience utilizing a high-tech, data-driven approach to sell homes in the $4 million-plus range that includes white glove services such as virtual staging, high-tech open house style, high-end photography, 3-D virtual tours, dedicated digital strategist, home repair services and access to exclusive seller dashboards. We have already sold a $44 million home, just listed a $4M home and are about to list a $100M home.

What other expansion plans do we have for the company?

XDALE plans to become an end-to-end solution for all real estate transactions — from helping buyers get a mortgage (already doing this), to escrow (launching 2019), to transfer of title and insurance. Going beyond offering services associated with buying and selling of homes, we also plan to offer painting, baby proofing and ongoing homeowner services like plumbing and gardening.

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