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iProprietor Magazine

Hello data->user_nicename; ?>,

You’re a Proprietor, a Property Manager



Enjoy the read and stay safe! Best, 

This is NOT a Ponzi Scheme. We are not promising miracles. You get on-going compensation for referrals
realT is a Multi-level Subscription to the XDALE Directory. The first subscriber can choose to “Do Work”; or not. Every subscriber is automatically linked to a unique WALLET with public and private KEYS. “Doing Work” means (1) nominating THREE or more personal acquaintances to become subscribers to realT. (2) Explaining the features and benefits of membership. Once this is achieved the “Work is Done”. The first subscriber then becomes “An Ancestor”. All transactions (to 10 generations of DESCENDANTS) that are done via the XDALE Directory automatically returns an AMOUNT to the wallet of the subscriber as well as to his Ancestors’ wallet. The AMOUNT is calculated in fractions of bitcoin or cash as per his preference.

Don’t fall for Ponzi schemes and other (pyramid) investment frauds. Those scams promise something for nothing! They also involve paying longer-standing members with money from new participants, instead of actual profits from investing or selling products/services to the public. This cannot be sustained and will always collapse eventually. Protect yourself and your money by steering clear of any “opportunity” bearing warning signs of a Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

Hi Partner,

So You want to send your message to multiple contacts in one fell swoop? Here’s how:

To create your mailing list in Word

  1. Go to File > New > New Document.
  2. Go to Mailings > Select Recipients > Create a New List.
  3. In the Edit List Fields, you’ll see a set of automatic fields that Word supplies. …
  4. Use the Up and Down buttons to reposition fields.
  5. Select Create.
  6. In the Save dialog, give the list a name and save it.

To Create your address labels

  • In Word, click Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard to start the mail merge wizard. Choose Labels, and then click Next: Starting document. Choose Label options, select your label vendor and product number, and then click OK. Click Next: Select recipients.

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Templates For Sale

I-T Template Brand
Example of your own App or Site
That’s required to navigate
For which the template is targeted
of Template
description of template
in fiat currency or cryptocurrency
Hypso Any rideshare Website   . Shop
realT1 Metamask or  Mist Realty Rentals Blockchain Ðapps  
realT2 Metamask or  Mist Realty Sales Blockchain Ðapps  
realT3 Metamask or  Mist Realty Sales Blockchain Ðapps  
OurBlock Metamask  or Mist W-o-m Marketing Blockchain Ðapps Marketing
Real-T: Landlord-Tenant Smart Contract

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Token Steps

Firstly this token is ownable. Which means we can sell it to a Landlord or his Property Manager.

Function #1 The tenant pays deposit

Function #2 The app checks that the deposit is not overpaid.

Function #3 Landlord withdrawals monthly rent

Function #4 Smart contract Oraclizes (paywall) sensitive customer data to an offline server. This means that the information is offloaded to an Oracle database server on the proprietor’s local computer.

Function #5 The Arbitrator Function remains dormant in case there are future issues between the landlord and tenant.

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A Better Deal

Like a buoy that floats on a bumpy sea the RealT maintains its value as a place marker of value. A 100,000 Realt’s today will buy the same house in 10 years or 100 years because, like a Shock absorber , it floats above inflation. In the illustration above, if Danny wanted Mary’s chair he would need to give her $850 Real-T’s. In future the chair may be worth $1800 in cash but the owner would trade it for the same 850 RealT’s. No inflation. It is optional for them to convert their Real-T’s into government tokens. Why would they? Doing so reintroduces the vulnerabilities of government tokens, such as inflation!?
If someone in future wanted those 850 realT’s they would need to cough up 1800 dollars; because of inflated dollars. The RealT is immune to inflation. However, if the seller insists on cash conversion rest assured that any Real-T can easily be converted.

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Our Block

First Register Here

Why OurBlock?

Despite the fact that real estate advertisers profit from the illusion of their effectiveness, most real estate sales originated by word of mouth. OurBlock is a Mult-level word of mouth process via subscription to the XDALE Directory.

The first subscriber can choose to “Do Work”; or not. With a ponzi scheme you do no work. This is NOT a ponzi scheme, it is a referral system.

“Doing Work” means (1) nominating THREE or more personal acquaintances to become subscribers to OUR BLOCK. (2) Explaining the features and benefits of membership. Once this is achieved the “Work is Done”. The first subscriber then becomes “An Ancestor”. All transactions (to 10 generations of DESCENDANTS) that is done via the XDALE Directory automatically returns an AMOUNT to the wallet of the subscriber as well as to his Ancestors’ wallet.The AMOUNT is calculated in fractions of bitcoin or cash.

So as to be automatically paid, every subscriber is initially linked to a unique WALLET that has public and private KEYS.

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Dear Proprietor,

Have something to Sell? To Rent? We would like to be your facilitator for Transactions of your Property whether Personal or Real Estate. There is a new way to transact without an intermediary. Simply convert ownership documents to d-APPS (distributed Apps). These are transferred from principal to client with underlying blockchain technology. Suddenly you no longer need to endure the possibility of double-dealing, or limitations of slow processing and, expensive bureaucracy. Perhaps best of all is assured privacy and even the possibility of annonymity if that is interesting to you.

We provide those d-APPS. You simply subscribe and use them. Alternatively, you can buy your own d-APP system.

Learn more.

Use realT For Your FSBO Real Estate Transactions

Cher proprietaire,

Vous avez quelquechose a vendre? A louer? Nous aimerions etre votre facilitateur pour realiser cette transaction. Il y a une nouvelle facon de faire sans intermediaire. Il suffit de convertir vos documents en d-APPS (Applications distribuees). Ceux ci sont transferes du proprietaire au client grace a la technologie blockchain. Tout a coup, les risques d’un double jeu, ou simplement d’un processus long et de frais administratifs chers disparaissent. Le meilleur est peut etre la garantie du respect de votre vie privee et meme la possibilite de conserver l’anonymat.Nous pouvons vous procurer ces applications. Il suffit de souscrire, a moins que vous ne preferiez acheter le systeme.Pour en savoir plus.

In other news,

Use For Your FSBO Fine Art Transactions

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September 16,2020

Today Wyoming became the first state to approve a banking charter for digital assets. This will allow those using digital assets, like cryptocurrency, to access reliable financial services, protect consumers, and allow businesses a way to safely hold digital assets.

Why Does It Matter: The cryptocurrency exchange’s decision to apply for the banking charter would reduce its dependence on third-party financial institutions.

The state approval will also allow the company to expand its product and services offering. The company plans to start with Digital Asset Custody services, Demand/Deposit Accounts, and Wire transfer and funding services in the first year of operations.

Over the years, the company also plans to expand in Trust accounting and administration services, services for corporate accounts, online banking and cryptocurrency debit card services for individual accounts with potential ventures into retail, wealth management, and treasury services over time.

What’s Next: As per the state law, since Kraken Financial will offer digital asset custody services, it’s required to hold fiat currency reserves equal to 100% of its deposits. This requirement will ensure that Kraken Financial can process customer’s withdrawal requests on-demand, the company noted.

Crypto’s bank
Kraken Financial, a newly formed division of the popular crypto exchange, has become the first firm to receive a special type of charter making it a bank. On Wednesday, the Wyoming Banking Board approved the exchange’s application for a special purpose depository institution (SPDI) charter – making it a licensed bank in the state, replete with access to federal payments infrastructure and opening the doors to issuing digital-asset debit cards and savings accounts as well as securities and commodities services. Kraken Financial beat out Wyoming blockchain pioneer Caitlin Long’s application for Avanti Financial, and is the first bank established in Wyoming since 2006.

Non-public information
The China state-sponsored Blockchain-Based Service Network (BSN), a standardized internet services provider for decentralized applications (dapp) developers, plans to make 24 public chains available in its network for Chinese users beginning in November. These public chains will look quite different after being “localized” for the Chinese market, CoinDesk’s David Pan reports, who gained access to a leaked memo. Inspired by Ant Financial’s permission blockchain, these chains will replace their native tokens with the renminbi, be renamed after the 24 Chinese solar terms and will be supervised by the Public Permissioned Blockchain consortium – ensuring the state reaps the benefits of blockchain tech’s traceability and efficiency, without the decentralization embraced by public chains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. “BSN strictly follows related laws and regulations and will remove any chain that violates them from the network,” the memo reads. 

How Normies Are Getting Crypto-Rich With DeFi

Sep 17, 2020 at 12:17 UTCUpdated Sep 17, 2020 at 15:30 UTC

DeFi’s current food craze is providing some crypto fans with major returns. (Mick Haupt/Unsplash)Leigh Cuen

Ethereum whales undoubtedly drive the decentralized finance (DeFi) movement, but many people making money on DeFi trends are just regular Joes, so to speak. 

One such trader, who asked to go only by Joe, is a math student at a Canadian university. Just by playing with Ethereum software and his own calculations, he managed to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2020. This wasn’t his first rodeo, however; he’s been trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) for more than a year.

“I’m not a whale in the crypto world but I’m one of the top users of the DeFi protocol I use,” he said. “Before, when DeFi was smaller, there was a lot less competition.” 

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Since Weird DeFi’s food craze began, Joe said “high yields” are now available to newcomers “without a lot of technical knowledge.” 

It’s impossible to say just how many rookie traders raked in unusually high profits during the YAM debacle in August, when an unaudited crypto experiment garnered $465 million in crypto then imploded within 72 hours. 

Read more: Yearn, YAM and the Rise of Crypto’s ‘Weird DeFi’ Moment

One such anonymous YAM user, who said he rarely trades on exchanges, said he found the YAM trading game fun and relatively easy. He participated in the community vote to “save” YAM, then said he promptly “dumped” his tokens when he realized the software experiment was not sustainable. All things considered, he said he earned $15,000 from participating in YAM, having spent up to $800 on transaction fees. 

For both of the above-mentioned DeFi fans, this is a life-changing amount of money. These users often rely on service providers to access the DeFi ecosystem. As such, traders weren’t the only winners of the Yam gambling game. Companies that run the Ethereum network also accrued traffic and transaction fees during the rise of Yam and SushiCREAM and now Pickle.

“I access farming and do most one-time things with MetaMask,” Joe said. “The only other [service] I use is the Web3 provider Infura.” 

DeFi infrastructure

The DeFi mentality emphasizes open-source access to tools, services with low barriers to entry and distributed teams. Sometimes, this includes low barriers to entry for high-risk games. 

According to Uniswap founder Hayden Adams in June 2020, most of the Uniswap ecosystem relies on ConsenSys infrastructure services, like Infura. This has also proven to be the common pattern for copycat DeFi projects like SushiSwap. ConsenSys spokesperson James Beck said the Ethereum conglomerate restructured to make infrastructure and wallet services, like Infura and the DeFi-friendly wallet MetaMask, pillars of the company’s “core software business.” 

ConsenSys’s head of product for Infura, Michael Godsey, said his team handled the “increased usage” from the food-themed yield farming spike, watching closely to understand “these new usage patterns.” Such DeFi experiments provide inspiration and research data for Ethereum startups, not chagrin. 

Read more: SushiSwap Migration Ushers in Era of ‘Protocol Politicians’

In reference to the DEX tools people use to access these trading games, Godsey added, “Uniswap and MetaMask are two of our amazing customers and many yield farmers are utilizing their platform to participate in this new activity.”

As for Joe, the Canadian college student, he said he plans to keep stacking tokens because the broader DeFi movement is “sustainable and has been growing at a relatively slow pace for years.” 

On the other hand, he said the trends over the past few months were heavily influenced by Compound’s token model. Joe reasoned these DeFi experiments might end in a “big crash” or slow fizzle.   

“As long as risk-adjusted yield is higher than for other opportunities, I will keep using them,” he said.



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Bronx – $2,800

3 BR, 2.50 BTH   
This house rental includes back yard, basement , garage, front deck off the master bedroom, dining room, living room. Great and clean condition.

Bronx – $2,600

3 BR, 1.00 BTH   
3 bed plus office room
Fully Renovated
All new kitchen and bath
Good credit and working

Bronx – $2,500

2 BR, 1.00 BTH   
2 bed 1 bath. Heat/hot water included. Laundry room & terrace. Hardwood floors. No pets. No smoking. Credit check required.

Bronx – $2,400

3 BR, 1.00 BTH   
Large 3 bedroom. Renovated. Hardwood floors. Pelham Bay area. Updated bathroom. Next to transit. Street parking. Utilities not included, onl….

Bronx – $2,300

Featured 3 BR, 1.00 BTH   
Country Club section of the Bronx
3 Bedroom, fully renovated
NO Smoking and good credit only!
Credit Check required

Bronx – $2,300

3 BR, 1.00 BTH   
A 3 beautiful 3 bedroom/ 1 bath apartment for rent on the second floor.
Updated kitchen , granite counter top, stainless steel applian….

Pilgrim – $2,000

2 BR, 1.00 BTH  Two story 
Modern design and completely renovated state of the art 2 bed 1 bath apartment in Indian Village section of Morris Park. New Kitchen has Qu….

Bronx – $2,000

2 BR, 1.00 BTH   
Modern design and completely renovated state of the art 2 bed 1 bath apartment in Indian Village section of Morris Park.
New Kitchen ha….

Bronx – $400

Studio, 0.00 BTH  Apartment 
Storage Room for Rent
Open 1500 square feet space
Perfect for Contractor to secure their tools, etc.

Throggs Neck – $2,500

2 BR, 2.00 BTH  Colonial 
Completely update 2 bedroom and 2 new bathroom apartment in Country Club section Walk In Closet Custom Bathroom with Massage shower Back….