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Dear Proprietor,

Bitbrowze is a peer-to-peer network of vendors using a downloadable d-app to communicate and transact via a smart-contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

A subscriber with his personal resources and assets makes use of this platform to network privately with similar subscribers worldwide.

On his transactions via the Bitbrowze platform, his individual customers return him 75% NET sales. Furthermore, he gets 5% bonus on the gross sales from his customers sold through participating subscribers, to 3 generations of separation.

Built into the d-app, are features such as a silent auction, a personal wallet, a p.o.s checkout that accommodates payments in currencies and crypto-currencies, advertising radiationof his offerings.

Download the Bitbrowze d-app for your mobile device and then onto your desktop. Message my ID# UH64B9C6


Illustrations and Testimonials:

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