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I-T Template Brand
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in fiat currency or cryptocurrency
Hypso Any rideshare Website   . Shop
realT1 Metamask or  Mist Realty Rentals Blockchain Ðapps  
realT2 Metamask or  Mist Realty Sales Blockchain Ðapps  
realT3 Metamask or  Mist Realty Sales Blockchain Ðapps  
OurBlock Metamask  or Mist W-o-m Marketing Blockchain Ðapps Marketing
Real-T: Landlord-Tenant Smart Contract

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Token Steps

Firstly this token is ownable. Which means we can sell it to a Landlord or his Property Manager.

Function #1 The tenant pays deposit

Function #2 The app checks that the deposit is not overpaid.

Function #3 Landlord withdrawals monthly rent

Function #4 Smart contract Oraclizes (paywall) sensitive customer data to an offline server. This means that the information is offloaded to an Oracle database server on the proprietor’s local computer.

Function #5 The Arbitrator Function remains dormant in case there are future issues between the landlord and tenant.

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A Better Deal

Like a buoy that floats on a bumpy sea the RealT maintains its value as a place marker of value. A 100,000 Realt’s today will buy the same house in 10 years or 100 years because, like a Shock absorber , it floats above inflation. In the illustration above, if Danny wanted Mary’s chair he would need to give her $850 Real-T’s. In future the chair may be worth $1800 in cash but the owner would trade it for the same 850 RealT’s. No inflation. It is optional for them to convert their Real-T’s into government tokens. Why would they? Doing so reintroduces the vulnerabilities of government tokens, such as inflation!?
If someone in future wanted those 850 realT’s they would need to cough up 1800 dollars; because of inflated dollars. The RealT is immune to inflation. However, if the seller insists on cash conversion rest assured that any Real-T can easily be converted.

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Our Block

First Register Here

Why OurBlock?

Despite the fact that real estate advertisers profit from the illusion of their effectiveness, most real estate sales originated by word of mouth. OurBlock is a Mult-level word of mouth process via subscription to the XDALE Directory.

The first subscriber can choose to “Do Work”; or not. With a ponzi scheme you do no work. This is NOT a ponzi scheme, it is a referral system.

“Doing Work” means (1) nominating THREE or more personal acquaintances to become subscribers to OUR BLOCK. (2) Explaining the features and benefits of membership. Once this is achieved the “Work is Done”. The first subscriber then becomes “An Ancestor”. All transactions (to 10 generations of DESCENDANTS) that is done via the XDALE Directory automatically returns an AMOUNT to the wallet of the subscriber as well as to his Ancestors’ wallet.The AMOUNT is calculated in fractions of bitcoin or cash.

So as to be automatically paid, every subscriber is initially linked to a unique WALLET that has public and private KEYS.

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Dear Proprietor,

Bitbrowze is a peer-to-peer network of vendors using a downloadable d-app to communicate and transact via a smart-contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

A Smart-contract is a distributed computer application or d-App; it is computer code that allows a resources owner (such as a proprietor) to create (mint) a token, such as an NFT (non-fungible token, look it up). The resource owner may mint it as a vanity project or s/he may mint it for profit. Bitbrowze (BBRZ) is a Smart Contract with the identification number 0xc5bb8214455d5375fc76cb5f8ad0689aa755d02990ced523808e6b8d075469a9 located here:

A subscriber with his personal resources and assets makes use of this smart-contract to mint business documents such as Landlord-Tenant Rental Agreements, Deeds to Real Estate, Ownership Title to Collectible items, and much more. A vendor could mint an agreement with a supplier, for example. A Municipality or Government Department could Mint ballots for purposes of incorruptible voting records,…and so on.

Built into the d-app, can be features such as a silent auction, a personal wallet, a p.o.s checkout that accommodates payments in currencies and crypto-currencies, an ‘Oracle’ that triggers a response when some pre-determined event happens, such as when a certain agreed-upon date or time arrives.

Subscribe to the Bitbrowze d-app or learn more: Message my ID# UH64B9C6


Illustrations and Testimonials:

Click Here if Your business is in Real Estate

Click Here if Your business is in Fine Art & Collectibles

Click Here if Your business is in Publishing

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Bronx – $2,800

3 BR, 2.50 BTH   
This house rental includes back yard, basement , garage, front deck off the master bedroom, dining room, living room. Great and clean condition.

Bronx – $2,600

3 BR, 1.00 BTH   
3 bed plus office room
Fully Renovated
All new kitchen and bath
Good credit and working

Bronx – $2,500

2 BR, 1.00 BTH   
2 bed 1 bath. Heat/hot water included. Laundry room & terrace. Hardwood floors. No pets. No smoking. Credit check required.

Bronx – $2,400

3 BR, 1.00 BTH   
Large 3 bedroom. Renovated. Hardwood floors. Pelham Bay area. Updated bathroom. Next to transit. Street parking. Utilities not included, onl….

Bronx – $2,300

Featured 3 BR, 1.00 BTH   
Country Club section of the Bronx
3 Bedroom, fully renovated
NO Smoking and good credit only!
Credit Check required

Bronx – $2,300

3 BR, 1.00 BTH   
A 3 beautiful 3 bedroom/ 1 bath apartment for rent on the second floor.
Updated kitchen , granite counter top, stainless steel applian….

Pilgrim – $2,000

2 BR, 1.00 BTH  Two story 
Modern design and completely renovated state of the art 2 bed 1 bath apartment in Indian Village section of Morris Park. New Kitchen has Qu….

Bronx – $2,000

2 BR, 1.00 BTH   
Modern design and completely renovated state of the art 2 bed 1 bath apartment in Indian Village section of Morris Park.
New Kitchen ha….

Bronx – $400

Studio, 0.00 BTH  Apartment 
Storage Room for Rent
Open 1500 square feet space
Perfect for Contractor to secure their tools, etc.

Throggs Neck – $2,500

2 BR, 2.00 BTH  Colonial 
Completely update 2 bedroom and 2 new bathroom apartment in Country Club section Walk In Closet Custom Bathroom with Massage shower Back….