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The More That Things Change, The More That They Stay The Same

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If You Own Something

October 1, 2021

Hello You

There is no denying that the modern world has changed over the past 18 months. In subtle ways, disruptions in lifestyle have been met with new methods of doing business. 

The Bitbrowze platform upon which rests dApps such as Real-T and Xeries has been released. These smartcontracts usher in new possibilities to conduct business more privately and securely than ever. Blockchain technology has matured and is adopted globally for various endeavors from currency to the ballot box. 

We once asked with respect to Real Estate, “Who needs the middleman, such as a real estate broker? Now we ask further, who needs a  middleman, such as a retail banker? What do these people actually do for you? Retail bankers rely on a centralized computer system that adds your demographics and other data to a centralized database that belongs to the bank. The other data is a record of your assets. Those assets are called currency, which are pieces of i.o.u-paper that is owed to you by the Central Bank. All this digitized private information is at the mercy of those strangers. Not to mention that it is shared by the most intrusive big brother of all that can make hell for many people – The Credit Reporting Agency! For this privilege, you actually pay them more than the few percentages in “interest” that they pay you on a savings account. The net loss is yours. 

Decentralized banking is a term that has been construed in the wake of the cryptocurrency boom. … The people needed in a bank to approve loans and to structure financial data are replaced in a crypto banking ecosystem by smart contracts and p2p, peer-to-peer, services.

As the world heads to a recession and economic uncertainty, a new, parallel financial system is emerging. It is digital and runs on top of a public, permissionless blockchain ledger: Ethereum.
In contrast to the current financial system, it is open, neutral, and accessible for everyone with an Internet connection. It is radically transparent, in real-time auditable and its rules are written in open source code. It offers us novel, empowering ways for generating the saving and the transmitting of value, with independence from banks. A retail-first system that promises to transform and democratize access to financial services worldwide. 

Simply put DeFi is the collective name given to an ecosystem of financial applications built on top of the blockchain also known as Decentralized Banking. … Within this ecosystem, the users have full control over their assets and they can interact with the ecosystem through decentralized applications (dApps).


In the previous issue, we talked about the features and benefits of two distributed Apps that can be accessed via our  BITBROWZE graphical web interface

  1. Real-T for Real Estate Management Offices and proprietors of Realty and,
  2. Xeries for Art Gallery Administrators and proprietors of Fine Art.

Bitbrowze is an interesting initiative. It reminds me of a Swiss Bank account for your transactions.

Sell or Lease anything you own via the Bitbrowze Market page. Manage your properties via the dedicated Bitbrowze/Real-T or the Bitbrowze/Xeries platform.  Your data belongs ONLY to you. No one collects your demographic database because no one but you knows your name or what you look like.

But, as your transaction is public knowledge identified by a serial number in the way a telephone number is public knowledge, that transaction is therefore transparent and above board.

A basic subscription to is free.  You are encouraged to present your properties of Fine art or Real Estate on the Bitbrowze Market Page in a blind Auction. However, you need a wallet in order to get paid for your transaction. If you don’t yet have a wallet simply request one for a small fee. Otherwise, you can use your regular bank account; but then, there goes your anonymity.

The Premium subscription to is paid. Your identifying serial number becomes a member of the xDale Directory. You get a wallet associated with that serial number. You are incentivized to refer like-minded acquaintances. Your membership serial number becomes linked to their’s as an “ancestor”. If they repeat this process your serial number becomes the ancestor to two levels deep, etc.  An ancestor equally gets passive revenue in the form of small referral returns for all transaction three levels deep. 

With Bitbrowze, no one is looking over your shoulder. It’s your exclusive prerogative to declare and pay taxes to your jurisdiction. 

Enjoy the read and stay safe! Best,




Bringing the mountain to Mohamed.

Who Needs a Realtor? Really. New York State, for example has toyed with the policy of their complete elimination.

Sellers and buyers alike, bridle at paying Real Estate commissions to realtors. In the case of property sales, we have seen the standard rate dwindle from 6% to 1.5% in some cases. With residential rental transactions, commissions have dwindled from 15% of the first year’s lease to “one month’s” rent.

Realtors insist on earning compensation by means of these commissions which has become a haggling process won usually by the most prestigious brokerages. The individual broker fights a disappointing battle. It is hard to bring Mohamed to this mountain.

Guess what? the Blockchain Phone is here!
With a blockchain phone you won’t need a central service provider to make calls and access the internet.

HTC LAUNCHES ITS BLOCKCHAIN-FOCUSED PHONE, BUT YOU CAN ONLY BUY IT IN CRYPTOCURRENCY … and that is a good thing! Because it is more secure than a ‘burner’ phone, and even more anonymous because when you communicate with a similar device there is no central Phone Company to track your affairs.

HTC’s Exodus 1 comes with a secluded area kept separate from the Android operating system it runs on to keep a customer’s cryptocurrency safe.
The blockchain-based phone is part of HTC’s shifting strategy regarding smartphones, which will prioritize software and intellectual property.
It is available for pre-order at a price of 0.15 bitcoins or 4.78 ether tokens, which translates to about $960, and is expected to be shipped by December.

Q: What is the point of buying a blockchain phone? 
A: Blockchain can be thought of as a tamper-proof digital ledger that records data of transactions across a network that is distributed rather than centralized. Thus, it is a network with no central authority overseeing these transactions.
In the wildest dreams of enthusiasts, these devices will be a gateway to something called the decentralized web, or “Web 3.0.” In this future version of the internet, blockchains and similar technologies would support decentralized applications — “dapps” — that look and feel like the mobile apps we use today but run on public, peer-to-peer networks instead of the private servers of big tech companies. RealT is a dapp.
#1  the significance of integrating blockchain technology in the phone is that it bolsters the security and privacy of a user’s assets, and will in the future help with protecting a customer’s data and identity.
#2 With a blockchain phone you won’t need a central service provider to make calls and access the internet.
To this end,

The Real Estate industry is 99% contractual documents and 1% physical. The Physical aspect is the Construction industry. Realty is actually about the “rights” of ownership and to a lesser degree, rights of agency.. Because 80% of real estate transactions are essentially an exchange of documents like credit reports, applications, deeds, and rental agreements distributed apps convert these to incorruptible smart contracts via new technology. The market for electronic documents coexists easily with traditional paper-based methods. It is simply another arrow in your quiver. With smart contracts there is a reduced need for third party intervention in transactions; This means thousands of dollars in transaction savings. Cross-border transactions are a cakewalk. Transactions are faster by an order of magnitude. Transactions are more transparent and literally immune to fraud. And, so much more.

Why RealT ?

Traditional interactions are notorious for fraud. Consequently, a host of third parties became involved, each with sometimes conflicting and even adversarial interests. As for lawyers, it is often said that lawyers spoil more deals than bad credit. And agents are paid more fees than lawyers in any transaction. The two are natural adversaries.

RealT is a “Smart-contract”. A smart-contract is an App based on an underlying token. All understandings between parties are automated within the code of the app. You do not need a third-party. You certainly do not need a broker. For the property owner or manager, a token is more efficient, faster, transparent, fraud-proof, cross-border, cost-effective, and …so much more.0xf67580838555D2047F5722dc6662cEfD1F97424f Download

How does the Word about RealT spread?

In real estate 90% of business is done by word of mouth. How can this be adapted to the world of social distancing. The answer is Multi-level Marketing.

Harvey Rothschild (paywall) has assumed the position of c.e.o. for the direct marketing division of Rothschild Associates.
We do not advertise. Instead, we have retained Rothschild Associates for the promotion of RealT because most real estate transactions are initiated by word of mouth. The perfect marketing tool is their incorruptible MLM distributed app.

Learn more.

July’s Issue: Our ERC20 Utility Token that employs the STO crowdsource method to sell your properties via .

August’s Issue: Title Archive Tokens. Firstly as a proprietor, you should “Futureproof” the deed to your property.
  1. First, we buy an option on your property.
  2. Second, we do due diligence such as title search.
  3. Third, we tokenize its title, i.e enumerate fractions of its value in the form of tokens.
  4. Fourth, we raise an ICO for the total asking price.
  5. Fifth, the token buyers collectively give you the asking price. You are happy. Goodbye!
  6. Sixth, we promote our token as being a better method. They collectively now own the property. They are not necessarily interested in real estate. They are interested in methods. They are betting that their tokens will increase in value as more and more people realize that this is a better way to move real estate.
  7. Seventh, the token buyer may sell some or all of their tokens at a profit to newcomers.

Our role is to promote methods. Blockchain is, indeed a better method.

JOIN OUR GROUP We welcome your input.

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