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News and Discussions about Technological innovations in the transfer of property rights


Smart Contracts

xDALE is a Smart Contract Real Estate Marketing Organization. It can be seen as the “Un-Broker”.

The Real Estate Services industry is rife with red tape and other inefficiencies. It is an environment based on paranoia. The proprietors are paranoid about wire transfer fraud, and excessive fees. The lawyers are resentful of the high compensation paid to brokers and the brokers resent the fastidious lawyers who kill more deals than bad credit. Furthermore, the listing agents resent having to co-broke a listing and often withhold access to potential customers. This does a disservice to the Landlord. There is a lot of leg work involved which requires pre-qualification of the customer. Finally, the customer often hides the truth of his personal background for fear of application denial. In many cases, he must pay creative deposit fees, move-in fees, and application fees.

All these elements come after the rigorous search for available listings and many proprietors want to do it themselves and do not subscribe to an MLS. Therefore, a confusing multitude of alternative websites now pop-up to host listings. The solution to these inefficiencies is self-managing smart contracts. The following are some XDALE benefits to the players in a real estate transaction.

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It has its own crypto currency The  RealT ;

  • Now, when you buy a RealT token for cash your receipt is, for instance, a unique work of art or a lease on a residence or a rideshare of equal value. You can then trade or barter that Token for crypto-currency or anything else. The underlying item is transferred to the new owner of the token.
  • The  RealT  crypto is used to maximize customer convenience;
  • The  RealT  provides rewards for reviewing the Platform;
  • The  RealT  has a
    • Property-management module;
    • Mortgage module;
    • Vacation-home management module;
  • The  RealT  is also a crowd-funding platform
    • for investing in fractionalized real estate ownership,
    • generating income,
    • Minting NFTs,
    • liquidating assets;
  • The  RealT  does international transactions;
  • The  RealT  is a solution for real estate wire-fraud;
  • The  RealT  has an Arbitrator Over-ride;
  • The following elements are important :
    • Trade Amount,
    • Payment deadline,
    • Monthly installments,
    • Contract duration,
    • Discounts,
    • Penalties,
    • Security deposit escrow,
    • Lease auto-renewal.
    • Cold storage of customers’ sensitive data for security and confidentiality.
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Illustation of NFT IDs.