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A New Leaf

A science Fiction novel

A New Leaf
Douglas Crosdale
A Simple eBook

A cautionary probability

Once a thriving world lled with vibrant life, Earth had fallen victim to an insidious and elusive foe: the blood virus. With its devastating power, it extinguished the existence of all red blood creatures, leaving only a handful of survivors scattered across the desolate landscape. Humanity’s last bastion of hope lay amidst the sick connes of Antarctica, guarded by its frigid climate. The survivors, consisting of scientists, doctors, and everyday people, rallied under the guidance of Dr. Darcus Baylis, a brilliant and visionary genius.
Devoted to counteracting the dire consequences of the blood virus, Dr Bayliss tirelessly set his mind to work. As legend has it, Bayliss was the inventor of a scientic breakthrough called the Algal suit that permitted the wearer to get his energy from photosynthesis instead of eating food. His descendant integrated this technology into the human DNA and eectively bioengineered a new sub-species of homo sapiens known as homo-algalis. Powered by the resilience of their humanity, the survivors adopted to their new reality.. They turned to the humble sea algae, once an overlooked part of earth’s ecosystem, but now a lifeline for sustenance. It was within this extraordinary context that Sylvana Cavendish emerged. Silvana, a young and spirited member of homo algalis, found herself captivated
by the fragments of knowledge she discovered about the world before the viral Holocaust. Yearning for a deeper understanding, she delved into secrets hidden within the remnants of civilization. Silvana discovered ancient manuscripts, and documents that told the story of red blood creatures and their genesis. Filled with both awe and sorrow, she marveled at the splendor that once surrounded humanity, manipulating it with precision and care.
Time passed, and Silvana persisted against all odds, driven by an indomitable spirit. She battled doubt, despair, and the unforgiving elements of their isolated Antarctic home. And then, a breakthrough occurred – a icker of life stirred within a carefully nurtured embryo. The world held its breath, for within that tiny, beating heart lay the potential to restore balance, to usher in a new era. Word spread through their resilient community, infusing newfound hope into every soul. Silvana’s mission, once thought impossible, was unraveling into a tangible reality. As the genetically regenerated red blood creatures grew, their existence symbolized the revival of a long-lost harmony. Silvana, now a symbol of resilience and the bridging of past and present, stood before a crowd of survivors. Together,
they witnessed the return of life, as red blood creatures roamed their reclaimed territories once more. The human inhabitants shared the planet with their resurrected kin, entering an era where knowledge, compassion, and unity superseded the flaws of their past. Owing to Silvana’s steadfast pursuit, she not only revitalized the genetic code but also rekindled a sense of purpose within humanity. Guided by her transformative journey, the survivors vowed to persevere and preserve and protect the earth, understanding the fragility and interconnectedness of all life.As the remnants of the blood virus faded into distant memory, Earth is set to arise from the ashes, bathed in the warmth of a new dawn. But not so fast! The virus had originally been maliciously lab-engineered. Its creators, evolved cyborgs of
articial intelligence, now sought to counteract Silvana’s work. The goal was to eliminate the world of creatures that befouled the planet and to return it to a pristine Eden.


A cautionary probability
In one future probability, in a world devastated by a rare blood virus, a population of research scientists, doctors, and intellectuals will have found solace and safety in the frigid isolation of Antarctica. These survivors, the last
remnants of the red blood creatures that currently thrive on Earth, will know that their continued existence is a delicate balance on the edge of extinction. Among these survivors will be one, Dr. Darcus Bayliss the rst, a
brilliant scientist who dedicates his life to nding a solution to the impending crisis. As the scarcity of meat will have become evident and the survivors will face the challenge of sustenance, Dr. Bayliss will turn his attention towards the bountiful sea algae surrounding their base of operations on the peripheral colony of Borneo. After numerous experiments and countless hours in the lab, he will create the algal suit, a remarkable invention that allows wearers to absorb nutrients directly from the abundant algae. Decades pass, and the original algal suit will be improved upon by Dr. Bayliss the third, the grandson of the legendary scientist. He integrates the technology of the suit with human DNA, resulting in the surprising emergence of a new subspecies of humans to be labeled as homo algalis.
These extraordinary individuals will no longer need to consume food but instead, obtain sustenance through harnessing the power of photosynthesis. Curiosity and the desire to push the boundaries of what will
be possible runs deep within the Bayliss bloodline. Dr. Bayliss the fifth, a direct descendant of pioneering scientists, will seek to bridge the gap between his past and what will be his future. With the advancements in genetic engineering, he will begin experimenting on an infant homo algal, blending her DNA with articial intelligence to unlock hidden potential. This marvel of science earned him the nickname of Bayliss the Dark because he will have toyed with unsanctioned technology ever since, centuries before, the Chinese dared to bioengineer a primate centuries before Silvana’s creation [See Nota Bene\ To guide and protect this unique child, Dr. Bayliss the fth will assign an Algal by the name of Salgal Cavendish as her guardian and tutor. Salgal, with centuries of knowledge and wisdom passed down
through generations, will enlighten the young homo algal with tales of Earth’s forgotten creatures from the reader’s era. From the majestic diversity of the rainforests to the awe-inspiring migrations of birds, Salgal painted a
vivid picture of what is currently available to you, the reader.


A cautionary probability

Inspired by Salgal’s stories and armed with the knowledge of her heritage, the infant Homo Algal is ill determined to renew the creature DNA that will have been lost. She will delve into the secrets of genetic engineering, tirelessly blending the remnants of ancient creatures with her own kind’s unique abilities. Plants with blinding bioluminescence, birds with shimmering feathers, and insects with iridescent wings will become vital components of her experiments. As the years pass, the once-barren Earth will begin to bloom with life again. The infant homo algal, then a young woman, will have succeeded in reviving aspects of Earth’s lost creatures. Lush forests once again will stand tall, vibrant with colors unseen for generations, along with new innovations. Air will become lled with the melodies of birds soaring through the skies, their wings ablaze with radiant hues. And the mesmerizing dance of iridescent insects that will draw everyone’s eyes like beacons in the night. Word of the miraculous revival will spread throughout the homo algal communities, igniting hope in their hearts. With renewed determination, they shall
embark on a mission to restore Earth’s biodiversity fully. Working together, they will probably endeavor tirelessly to experiment and ne-tune their creations, fostering newfound life from the remnants of the past. Their world,
once on the brink of desolation, will then become alive with beauty and wonder. The bond between humans and the rekindled creatures will flourish, as they coexisted in harmony and respect. With each passing day, Earth’s wounds will heal, and its inhabitants thrive, driven by the tireless efforts of one young homo algal by the name of Silvana Cavendish due to her tireless fascination with a world that once was. And so, the spirit of exploration, brilliance, and compassion that dened the Bayliss lineage will live on, as they will have left a legacy of hope and rejuvenation for
generations to come. However, dear reader, by experience you know that probability never becomes a Goldilocks event without twists and turns. Because the blood virus will have been maliciously lab-created by a disembodied articial General intelligence that, in that future era, will have sought dominance and the extermination of potential competitors. It will become embodied in a materialized adversary, intent on reversing Silvana’s work.

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