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WhoIs Bitbrowze?


Crosdale, Inc. (d/b/a xDALE) are purveyors of intellectual property such as distributed apps a/k/a d-apps, e.g. (ERC721 NFTs and ERC20 STO Tokens and smart contracts). BitbrowZe is an xDALE app that lets users seamlessly mint NFTs and links to a human-readable GUI (graphical user interface) such as a hosted webpage. Tokens represent the underlying assets that you hold for sale or lease. Declared agreements on your web page confirm sale or lease transactions. These agreements are not merely written as text, they are coded as immutable computer programs that are trustless Agreements since they require no third-party witness to be enforceable.

There are 3 categories of such xDALE Agreements :

(Category-1) A Subscription Agreement;

(Category-2) A Deed Agreement;

(Category-3) A Shareholder Agreement.

Furthermore, these assets can be defined only by your web page Administrator. As types, they can be physical products, and may need to be delivered as per the buyer’s shipping information; Or, they can be digital products, such as online documents, images, etc., and can be downloaded.

A Token will be minted after associating it with the underlying asset of your choosing. Your end users (such as your clients) will be required to make full payment on any transaction. Only then will the token be transferred to their linked wallet. The ‘For-Lease’ dApp Basically, this is a subscription d-App. A Lease is treated as an annual subscription purchase broken up into small monthly payables. The owner never relinquishes the title to the underlying asset.

Illustration: As an owner of a building, I can lease a unit in the building for 1 year. The Agreement is for the assessed value of 12 x $3,000 or $36,000. I commit to selling 1 token per month to a specific buyer for a guaranteed crypto equivalent of $3,000 each. That is recited in the Annual subscription Agreement. I can do the same for the annual subscription of anything; For instance, a publication subscription. Website Phone 7185697764 Phone number is 917.748.6815

Industry IT Services and IT consulting

company size 11-50 employees

HeadquartersBeaverton, OR

Founded 2000

Specialties Blockchain consulting, Real Estate, and Fine Art


(1)Primary Headquarters 9450 SW Gemini Dr, PMB 36868, Beaverton,

OR 97008-7105, US

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