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Arbitrage Opty AS A FOR-PROFIT OPERATION. Swap Art token vs ERC20 nft

At DALEx you can easily swap your paintings, mint your NFTs, and create unlimited memes.

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Art Arbitrage Program

Message to our Speculative Investors.

Affiliate Referral Network: Use your contacts to Build a downline of referrals and earn passive income.

I’m [ Douglas Crosdale ] of Dale Exchange.

I’m an [ artist ] [art patron].

If you appreciate the opportunities of the cryptocurrency industry I invite you to join me in a cooperative initiative to trade NFTs for cryptos.

Let me tell you how this is rewarding.


Fractional Funding Option (in certain jurisdictions only) 4

You collaborate in the crowdfunding of an original work of art and participate in fractionalized ownership just like share ownership of a corporation or shareholder in a co-op building.

#1    Firstly, you get the right to mint 1 your unique copy of the original which is 100% yours in the form of an NFT that can appreciate in market value. You can even transfer this right for consideration.

#2 Secondly, you become prestigiously recognized as a co-patron of the original. Your name is forever associated with the artwork.

#3   Thirdly, as a co-owner you are eligible for inclusion in our Affiliate Referral network to earn passive income.

#4   As a co-owner you’ll get lifetime access to Hypsoverse, our virtual reality platform (a value of $550/yr subscription ) to mint, display, and auction your unique nft.

You can view a PROTOTYPE video of the HYPSOVERSE platform for which you wear a VR headset and replace the Avatar with yourself immersing in the galleries. (The Planned Release, 12.2024).

How to test run the PROTOTYPE (Best viewed on a desktop PC. Avatar instructions: use keyboard arrows for navigation and E’ to enter through the main gallery door.)

Arbitrage Option (in certain jurisdictions only)2

#5   With the arbitrage option, you can use our DALEx exchange to swap your (ERC721) art NFT for XER our (ERC20 ) STO and then for Bitcoin or any Altcoin. XER is 25% backed by gold). In other words, the purchase price of your token is guaranteed by an equivalent amount of gold coin. This means you can never lose more than the per-ounce value of the gold pegged by our Oracle app when you first participated in the original non-profit option. We publicly display the underlying nft gold certificate backing the XER.

We think that over time, the value of the artwork will increase significantly more than the price of gold.

 If XER’s market price exceeds the art NFT, your option allows you to swap one for the other and take possession of the gold certificate nft. This arbitrage position is unique to our XER token.

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