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Bitbrowze Art Works

At Bitbrowze you can easily host your paintings, mint your NFTs, and create unlimited memes.

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Co-op Art Patron Program

Message to our VARs.

Affiliate Referral Network: Use your contacts to Build a downline of referrals and earn passive income.

I’m [ Douglas Crosdale ] of

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xDALE ®Artworks.

I’m an [ artist ] [art patron].

If you appreciate fine art I’d like you to join me in a cooperative initiative to sponsor emerging artists.

Let me tell you how this is rewarding.


#1    Firstly, in either case, you become part owner of the original once the artwork is acquired. It’s like the fractionalized ownership of shares in a co-op building.

#2 Secondly, you become recognized as a co-patron. Your name is forever associated with the artwork.

#3   Thirdly, as a co-patron you are eligible for inclusion in our Affiliate Referral network to earn passive income. You get the right to mint 1 your unique copy of the original which is 100% yours in the form of an NFT that can appreciate on the market. You can even transfer this right for consideration.

#4   As a co-patron you’ll get lifetime access to Hypsoverse, our virtual reality platform (a value of $550/yr subscription waived for you ). There you can browse or even host your metaverse gallery.

You can view a PROTOTYPE video of the HYPSOVERSE MUSEUM of ART where you wear a headset and replace the Avatar with yourself immersing in the galleries. (The Planned Release, 12.2024).

You can test run the PROTOTYPE (Best viewed on a desktop PC. Avatar instructions: use keyboard arrows for navigation and E’ to enter through the main gallery door.)

#6   Finally, there are tax advantages to the non-profit affiliate. You are free to consult with our team of legal experts.

May I or one of our representatives schedule you for a Zoom call or even a personal visit?   Thank you.

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